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CharcoTabs® 50's

By absorbing gasses and toxins, Charcoal effectively reduces bloating, cramps, and stomach ache.

  • Antidote to Poisoning: As an emergency antidote to swallowed poisons, activated charcoal is without equal among known and commonly used absorbents. It is an antidote in practically all swallowed poisons.
  • Mild to severe Food Poisoning: Nausea, vomiting, foul smelling eructation (burping), cramps, rumbling in the intestines and diarrhoea are some of the symptoms of food poisoning. Naturmade’s CharcoCaps ® and CharcoTabs ® absorb any offending substances and can stop symptoms in under an hour.
  • Drug Overdose: Naturmade’s CharcoCaps ®, Charcoal Chewies for Kids ® and CharcoTabs ® can absorb drugs that have been ingested. If taken immediately after the drug has been swallowed, it will absorb enough to prevent many toxic side effects.

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