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Himalayan Salt Lamps

Each salt lamp comes a Cherrywood base.

Feel the healing benefits of an oxygenated environment while our small Himalayan Natural Salt lamps as they emanate an soft light glow that looks so fascinating. Customers who use our lights regularly have reported increased respiration and a better restful sleep. Try them out for yourself & your family and friends.

As each medium Himalayan salt crystal lamps are one of a kind -yours will vary from light apricots to deeper oranges to darker ruby reds.

Remove bad odors & dander
Naturally produce negative ions without creating ozone
Enhances immune system function
Speeds up healing of wounds
Reduce susceptibility to colds and flu
Increase energy level
Remove allergens, pollutants, dust and bacteria from air
Assists with alleciating symptoms of allergies & asthma
Helps reduce the severity of migraine headaches
Increase alertness, work productivity and concentration
Balance serotonin levels in the bloodstream
Improve cognitive abilities such as thinking and learning


For beautiful & soothing aroma:

A few drops of essential oils to the top of the lamp will give you best of aroma experience. No harm will come to your beautiful salt lamp.


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