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Digesti-Cleanse - 30s

  • Our Digestive tract, liver and kidneys are in charge of keeping our bodies clean. These organs work closely together to detox the body.
  • It's a simple equation – keep your body clean and you'll have a better life and no health problems. A pure body gives you a happy mind.
  • CNT Digesti Cleanse is a proven and natural remedy to cleanse and detox your digestive tract.
  • CNT Digesti Cleanse removes everything that's outstayed its welcome and harms your health.

Ideal for people who;

  • want to cleanse and detox the digestive tract and body from harmful toxins before following a successful weight loss program.
  • suffer from annoying constipation and bloating.
  • have trouble with bowel movements.
  • Toxins have a negative impact on the body. They can reduce the comfort of daily life. Toxins are constantly deposited in the body, and the body may not have enough energy to remove them.
  • After years of this ... the health can suffer from all of these dangerous substances.
  • So if you are tired, lack energy or are missing the enthusiasm to do anything – that's a sign your body is in urgent need of a detox treatment.

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