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This is what we do.

This is what we do :

  1. Rebalance the blood
  2. Take out toxins
  3. Feed the body with cannabinoids and positive energy

This system involves detoxifying the body. Stripping the body of toxins so we can build it up and rejuvenate and balance it again.

The detox involves breaking down all the synthetic toxins like: unhealthy cholesterol, acid, ph, (too much alkaline is also not a good thing, the immune system shuts down when there is too much of a good thing).

Cannabinoids remove the pharmaceutical toxins in the body. The pharmaceutical drugs shut the neurological side of the brain down, saying “everything is ok”, when in fact it isn’t okSo it just masks the symptom. And with the toxic intake, causes yet another imbalance, which then requires another drug to remedy it, which then causes another imbalance… and so it goes on. Until they are on a concoction of medications and suffering many side effects including pain, major depression and overweight due to the toxic overload.

We replace your medication with our products, wean you off those chemical medications and once you are healed, you just monitor yourself and if necessary take a maintenance dose of CBD.

We follow up with you whilst you are doing this as each person and their DNA is different, so we may need to ‘tweak’ or slightly change the products to suit you.

We have found that many supplements work very well with CBD Oil, so we include them initially, or sometimes later on during your path to wellness.

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