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Theresa de Beer 14/05/2019:

“Our dog recently had this lump under his arm and we decided to try some of the products on him. We are excited to announce the results. 

After applying Canna Balm in the evenings along with giving him half a Jello Shot in the morning for 14 days and 3 Infused Drops in the evenings the lump is completely gone”

Kerry Rimmer 07/11/2018:

“Baylee had a rough start to life as she was born with senile cataracts and only had maybe 10% vision… I was determined that she would have a normal life so off we went to the JHB Animlal Eye Hospital in Fourways for a consultation. At that stage she was too young for surgery and we had to wait a month or so until she was 6 months old. At 6 months she had surgery in both eyes to remove the lenses and cataracts. The vets were shocked at how bad her eyes really were but the operation was a success and she got to learn and see new things.


We were warned that she would always be at risk of developing glaucoma if the pressure in her eyes were not kept at a certain height. To control and prevent this she was put onto 3 different eye drops daily. This worked well for a while until she had problems with her one eye which kept going blue due to the development of glaucoma. We managed again for a few months with a change in the eye drops. Then in March this year her pressure in her one eye spiked terribly to 68! This was not good news as the specialist vet said that I had a week to get the pressure down below 20 or they would need to remove her eye. I was devastated! I couldn’t let my little girl lose her eye after all she has been through. 


I had been doing research on Cannabis and its medicinal effects because I had an ill family member when I came across Cannabis for pets. So I did some research into this and after receiving the news of the possibility of my little girl losing her eye I figured I had nothing to lose. All the feedback I found was positive and the treatment is simple with great results. I placed my first order and started Baylee on her CannaPet journey. After 3 days of the CannaPet treatment we went back to the specialist for a pressure check. 


Imagine the surprise when the pressure had dropped to 17!! Even the vet was amazed and asked how I managed that. I simply replied: CannaPet… The vet is completely happy with the new treatment. Baylee has her CannaPet daily as well as the Infused Glycerine drops and she is doing amazing with no pressure problems. This amazing product has been an absolute saviour for us and I am so grateful that she still has her eye… I would honestly recommend medicinal cannabis to anyone… the effects are phenomenal.”

Rentia Greyvenstein 27/08/2018:

“My 8-year old staffie  “Kabous“ was diagnosed for bladder cancer in January 2018.

The vet suggested we castrate him to ease the pain. He was given not more than 6 months to live. He had numerous tumours on the lower part of his body and it manifested as open wounds on his groin.

We decided against castration and to rather follow a natural treatment.

We started with the 3-months Cannabis protocol. We also put him on the “Budwig diet”. We added fresh vegetables and brown rice to his diet although we couldn’t afford to completely remove the commercial pet food. We also kept him on a chronic parasite cleanse that involved wormwood, black walnut and garlic.

After 8 months all the tumours were gone (from what we could see). Where he was sick and passive and was unable to jump up and down the bakkie, he was now doing again with ease.

Thanks for all your support and advice!

Keep on doing what you are doing, you are changing people’s lives!”


Jill Phillips 27/06/2018:

“It’s been about six weeks now since we started him on the meds and we can see such a marked improvement in his mobility and he doesn’t even whimper anymore as it seems he is far less stiff – even during this very cold weather we have been having! It really has helped him tremendously as it’s in the early mornings/late evenings he seemed to be the most uncomfortable.

I cannot tell you how much this means to us, we are beyond grateful! I have passed your information on to so many people who may need help themselves or who have pets battling with ailments – I hope they open their minds and give your products a try, they will not regret it.

Thank you, and all of your team, for the remarkable service you provide to all, may you and your work continue to be blessed.

I cannot tell you how happy and thankful I am knowing that the precious years our Paddy has left will be spent in comfort.

Kindest regards,
Jill Phillips”

The Cannabis Oil Research team are super-thrilled for Paddy and his family🐾

Lody Terblanche 26/06/2018:

“Riley, my beautiful Jack Russell was diagnosed with Glaucoma in both eyes.

The first month we were back and forth to the vet and within 3 weeks since he was diagnosed they removed one lens and told me the second eye/lens will go soon after… Meaning, had to remove the second lens to save the eye.

We had nothing to lose and my dog walker mentioned other dog owners were on the same canna treatment with miraculous results!

Well, it’s almost a year later and his eye pressure’s stable each time I visit the Vet… They’re quite surprised about his progress… So, something’s doing its job and can only point to the Canna-OIL / Treatment!

He’s on no other meds and was supposed to take Cosopt drops twice a day, however, currently he’s only on the Canna-Drops/Oil and I’m happy to report he’s doing very well!”

The team at Cannabis Oil Research are so happy for both you and Riley 


“My dog’s glaucoma progress: It’s been phenomenal and he still has both eyes! They gave him 4-6 months but it hasn’t deteriorated since I started the protocol!”

“Have to share this. My dog is 14 years old and has very milky eyes. Been giving her 1 drop Infused in each eye every morning and they are now bright and clear. Saw the difference in 7 days.”

“I just wanted to let you know that the Canna Pet is a miracle worker! My spaniel’s eye pressure was sitting at 60. I was given a week before the specialist was going to remove her eye 🙁 . I started her on the Canna Pet and the Oil 3 days later. I took her back on the Sat and her pressure had dropped to 17! The specialist was so happy and I was so over the moon that my little girl got to keep her eye!”


Another great story from one of our supporters…….

“I’d like to share this with you. Today my dog had a fit. He had never had one before (according to my knowledge and as far as I am aware). I don’t know what caused it, he was just laying relaxed next to me on my bed when it happened. I panicked and got such a fright, i just rubbed him and spoke softly to him. I had called my mom and we both did the same, but the fit continued. And suddenly I just felt the urge to give him some of my Cannabis oil. Not a lot, a basic pin head smudge of it (real tiny bit). His jaw was so stiff i couldn’t get it on his tongue. So I just rubbed it on his gum. And it wasn’t even 4 counts, when his whole body started relaxing and his heartbeat became better. I let him lay in his bed for a while, cos the oil made him a little loopy, but an hour or so after he slept for a while, he was back to his normal self.”

“My chow was confirmed with nasal tumour and no cure. She is happy and still alive. The oils work!”


“Our dog had IMTP and IMHA which didn’t respond to vet meds nor platelet transfusions. He was terminal! So, after 10 days of normal meds we changed him to cannabis oil and Barley Life. Eight days later he was almost normal. All that changed was the meds! Cannot be “placebo effect” because he is a dog – had no expectations other than we would do our best by him! With THAT success before our eyes, we have started using cannabis oil ourselves.”

“I administered to my dog when she had a fractured femur. That and comfrey! She was not splinted and was walking in a week, no R30 000 vet bill either! The treatment is known as TiT (Treatment in Transkei)”

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