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Diet Matters

Health is really not just about treating the disease.  It is very worthwhile finding out if your diet is part of the problem. The is true for stress levels, exercise and thoughts. You cannot just expect a product to heal you, many years ago if you went to a doctor they would try and establish the root cause of the disease. These days they just seem to issue a prescription, earn their money and possibly give you a vague indication of what to do and leave anything else to you.

Correcting the diet, in a lot of cases will help correct the disease. Particularly in this day and age where a lot of people eat foods that ae ‘healthy’ because they come from such and such a shop but they are still prepared foods.

Most people will likely find that the have a very acid body. This is tested by using Litmus trips. These are the strips that diabetics use to test urine. The more modern ones work on saliva as well. Well worth checking up on that.

Disease loves an acid body. From migraines to cancers to pain and insomnia – too acid a body can be a large part of the cause.

Most diseases start in the gut, however your brain is extremely powerful. You need to keep the brain (thoughts) healthy too.

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