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Andi Viljoen - Distributor

+27 71 547 8644

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I worked for several years in the Food Hygiene Industry and I am a certified Hygiene Inspector, however, when my son was born, he was diagnosed with Mosaic Down Syndrome and needed full time care so I stopped working completely to take care of him.  I was always looking for work that I was able to from home so I could take care of him and for the most part do online business.

As it so happens, my husband sent me a link describing the Cannaihealu industry and I was hooked.  I have achieved my Traditional Healers license and practice number.

I am absolutely passionate about these products created by Trevor Parkinson and I am now managing my son’s ADHD with our products and I have had amazing results.

Our products are all full spectrum, South African bred and grown, from our own biodiversity.

I am based in but not limited to the Pretoria East area, I am able to do Consultations online or via Skype and am then able to courier the products to your front door.

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