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After consulting with you, we recommend products from our range, specifically for you, based on your health issue/s and to suit your pocket.

It may be that you require 3 or 4 products but it's a bit more than you can manage. (times are tough - we are very aware of that).

We will ensure that you start off on products that are most important for your needs, other products can be added later. You will still heal but slower than if you took everything that we suggest all at once.That being said, you will also need to look at your medications and supplements, foods and lifestyle. I know right! Now you have to look after yourself and not just rely on medication - just like doctors used to advise many years ago.

Alternatively, it may be that you wish to take additional products and supplements. we can work it out with you. 

The consult form and disclaimer are found here

Contact one of the distributors directly via whatsapp, call or mail.


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