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About our products and oils

Our oils are medicinal grade, grown, extracted, handled and packaged with extra care.  Our CBD is also Full Spectrum. There is no point in removing some of the natural goodness of the plant. CBD and THC work synergistically

Our CBD contains THC - in line with current South African laws. It is organically grown, with no pesticides or herbicides, preservatives or GMO additives. THC is the psychoactive component, however taken in a micro dose, when using our products, you should feel not effect. CBD has no psychoactive component. Some disease do require a higher THC content.

We use glycerine or coconut oil with a little hemp carrier oil in one or two of our products. Glycerine chases the oil into the blood stream and lymphatic system, coconut oil allows CBD oil to be absorbed correctly in the gut. Olive oil becomes carcinogenic once heated so we stay away from that, It also tastes awful.

CBD has over 100 different cannabinoids with more likely to be found as the plant is studied further.

The table below shows in a simple manner which cannabinoids treat what.


Each of our products are used differently, nothing like what is out in the market. On consultation, the distributor will advise on how to use the product/s and when. Everyone is different and has different diseases and reactions.

Studies have shown that CBD and THC are effective in healing a wide number of diseases. Pain and sleep are particularly prevalent, we have had great success with Cancer, MS, Neuropathy and many more. Any living being with a skeleton can be successfully treated with CBD, from you cat and bird to dogs, rhino’s, cows etc.

We have oils, balms, capsules, vape mixes, pet food and a beauty range.


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