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The remarkable healing qualities of ionic colloidal silver are well documented and many around the world have testified to its amazing health benefits. Ongoing medical research on the product is carried out by acknowledged medical doctors and research teams providing undeniable evidence of the product’s healing ability. It has recently gained popularity again as a natural alternative to western medicine, but along with this came negative propaganda, raising the importance of knowing the facts.

Research has concluded that ionic colloidal silver has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties amongst others, while being nontoxic and having a favourable safety profile.

All Silverlab Healthcare, preparations are manufactured in a laboratory that adheres to GMP and ISO 9001 standards, principles and guidelines to ensure products have the identity, strength, purity and quality they purport to contain. Manufacturing is in accordance with a formulated electrochemical PLC driven process. It has been established that the antimicrobial characteristics of any silver solution is directly proportional to the  free silver ions available in the solution. Silver ions appear to kill pathogenic micro-organisms instantly by blocking the respiratory enzyme system (energy production) as well as altering microbe DNA and the cell wall. They also appear to block T cell (TCR) receptors on the HIV virus and stop the HIV RNA from unravelling.  It does this without harming beneficial microorganisms such as gut flora or normal cells in the body.

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