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October 16, 2020 1 min read

Unfortunately there are a lot of business out there that aren't genuine.

You may have bought from a reputable supplier, but even they are not properly trained on CBD. What kind of CBD is it, is it specifically for your condition/s?

Perhaps you should be taking a little more - everyone's DNA is different, - or maybe you should be taking a little less?

Perhaps you should be taking it at a different time of the day.

Are drops the correct mode of ingestion for you and your health, or would perhaps a capsule that is slow release, be a better option?

Do you know if the CBD product that you have bought will interact with any of your current medications?

Have you given the product enough time to work? Most medications from doctors take 3 - 6 weeks to fully kick in, don't suddenly expect a miracle from your CBD.

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Brenda Hutchinson
Brenda Hutchinson

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