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July 02, 2021 2 min read

Vitamin C is involved in a variety of metabolic processes including oxidation-reduction reaction and cellular respiration, carbohydrate metabolism, synthesis of lipids and proteins, catabolism of cholesterol to bile acids, conversion of folinic acid, and iron metabolism. Vitamin C is probably best known for its effects as an antioxidant and its role in maintaining proper immune function. Vitamin C plays role in maintaining normal immune function; and it can be used for treating and preventing infectious conditions such as the common cold.

Ascorbic Acid
Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin.
Absorption: Vitamin C is well absorbed orally at lower doses, but absorption decreases as the dose increases. Approximately 87% of a 30 mg oral dose is absorbed, 80% of a 100 mg dose is absorbed, 63 % of a 500 mg dose is absorbed, and less than 50% of a 1250 mg does is absorbed.
Excretion: Most vitamin C that is absorbed is excreted in the urine.

Zinc is a component of more than 100 enzymes associated with various metabolic processes, including the synthesis of the nucleic acids RNA and DNA. It is required for the transport of Vitamin A for the liver, and as part of superoxide dismutase (SOD) helps protect cells from free radicals. Zinc is also required for growth and development, reproductive development and function, and to support the immune system, where it has been shown to increase T-lymphocytes and enhance other white blood cell functions. However, because of its effects on increasing white blood counts, higher intake of zinc (unless low) is contraindicated with some forms of leukemia.

Selenium protects the body from the damage caused by oxidation. Preliminary studies also suggest that the antioxidant effects of selenium may provide protection for those suffering with rheumatoid arthritis and HIV/AIDS by helping to lower the body's levels of free radicals.
Selenium deficiency may leave the body more vulnerable to heart disease, hypothyroidism, and a weakened immune system. It has also been associated with exhaustion, growth impairment, high cholesterol levels, infections, liver and pancreas impairment, and sterility.

Vitamin C+Zinc+Selenium is used as an antioxidant and to maintain proper immune function.



Brenda Hutchinson
Brenda Hutchinson

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