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July 28, 2020 3 min read

You seldom get sick overnight.  Yes it does happen, particularly with colds and flu. The more dangerous diseases, we don't notice sometimes for years.  Or we do notice but ignore.  And then that becomes the big problem, as you are too far gone for just about anyone to assist you.

It recently, happened with a family member - really heartbreaking.  He did everything that he could to save himself, we created specific products for him, he went and had additional treatments. All too little and too late.He should have been taking action 9 months ago.  Please be very aware of family illnesses, including Cancer. it does not mean you will get it but if you give your body a fighting chance..................
We can stop these things being passed from generation to generation, it just takes a little effort.

Most of you will know that we have a 3 month protocol. It is expected that your system will start healing in those three months and thereafter you should only require a maintenance dose.  Money is an issue, so we often sell a monthly package to make it easier on the pocket.  BUT if you go through our documentation and have spoken to me, you will know that you cannot get better in a week or a two.  You must take into account how long you have been ill and how long we gave you products for, this indicates a baseline to you getting better.
To my mind, if I have spent R3000 on CBD products, and you tell me that we may have to tweak it as everyone is different, to make it work for me, no two people have the same DNA and we all react to medications differently, then I can assure you I am going to be be on the phone or whatsapp to you to make sure that this works for me.
Its that simple. It does work but you have to put the effort in to get better. 
It may also be that you have been taking the products for so long as an example - No 5 indica for insomnia. It may still be working for you but you may notice that some nights you still wake up. Well chat to me!  Let me tell you how to tweak it to make it work better for you.  perhaps we get to a point that we need to change you to another capsule for a couple of weeks.  Not a problem, we generally have open bottles of capsules stored in our stock so that someone can try 5 no 8 indica's for example. You do not have to purchase a full bottle.
Part of our consult is that we look at your lifestyle, eating habits and if you are still taking your pharmaceuticals.  You shouldn't need to still be taking them, but I do understand how difficult it is to wean off.  Its so much better for you if you can.  We walk the path with you. Boost your system, get it back to homeostasis and by doing this you will be in better health in general, not have to worry too much about picking up whatever is going around and you will be in a better place should one of the really horrible diseses find you.

Please bear in mind that we are still looking for agents, there are too few of us to get out to everybody that needs the products.
We are offering basic training of about an hour and 15% commission. No outlay on your part and we provide the documentation that covers all the info.

What you will need to do is talk to people, either set up a Facebook/Instagram page and get people involved that way, go and talk to the salons, spa's, nail technicians, pharmacies. Approach all your friends and family and their friends and family. Colleagues, other companies staff that you may have dealings with.  If you start getting salons and shops interested, we will have to discuss commissions.
Brenda Hutchinson
Brenda Hutchinson

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