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August 31, 2019 3 min read

Many protocols have a similar base which makes it easy to combine for people with multiple problems.


We are born with a cannabinoidal system.  It’s in our DNA.  The cannabis plant and various others have the same.

GOOD QUALITY MEDICAL CANNABIS OIL                          

Each strain benefits a specific area of the body.   We deal with 46 strains of THC and 18 of CBD, with 9 strains in each product. We grow in a non-toxic, unpolluted, air, water and light controlled environment and also in the upper mountains with zero pollution and natural flowing waters.  We use CO2 extraction, with zero bio toxins.  And we infuse into an organic coconut carrier oil for maximum absorption into the body. These strains can now help 1 946 conditions with Cancer survivors now in the thousands.


Most are grown illegally in back gardens so it is toxic to begin with.  Possibly extracted in the kitchen with bio toxins, alcohol or benzene.

If it is sticky like toffee it cannot be absorbed well into the body.

99% don’t know what strain they are using, how it was extracted, or where it was grown, so it may not be of any use for your condition and may even be harmful.


We are born with perfect bodies, with our cells all communicating with one another.  Each cell has a memory and can “learn” from other cells. A damaged area will communicate with the body/brain/other cells to get help with healing it – this is NATURAL healing. When a medicine is introduced it stops the damaged area getting natural healing from the body, and at the same time tells the brain that medicine now has the problem covered. What the medicine has done is Hi-jacked the damaged area.

Each blockage can create side effects of aches, pains, insomnia, ED, Migraines, tiredness, hair loss and a host of “under the weather” feelings as the NATURAL HEALING fights to escape from chemical medicine. Your body can no longer run in sync with all its parts  because of the parts hi-jacked and becomes slower and more inefficient.

Now look back on your life and guess how many times you have taken medicine and then guess how many blockages you have RIGHT NOW in your system.



Cannabis oil seeks out damaged and blocked cells and start to destroy the toxins. Once the toxins are stripped each cell is re-built back to as near as possible where it was BEFORE your illness. That’s why the oil helps so many different diseases – it doesn’t cure the disease it “reconditions” the cell where the disease resides – very very clever.  The cannabinoids then build up your immune system so your body can heal naturally.


You do NOT get high as this is micro – dosing with medical Cannabis oil and it is not “recreational”.

The 4 main properties of Cannabis oil are firstly it’s a strong pain killer and secondly it’s a very good anti-inflammatory. It also balances your blood pressure and cholesterol. Your body is also able to absorb more nutrients from the food you eat which results in a more efficient body which in turn generates more energy, balances the body and sheds excess weight. Very nice side effects.


Average is R3 000 – R6 000 for a full 3 month course. It may sound expensive but it’s a lot less than medicine.


Month 1 is de-toxing the cells

Month 2 or 3 we start to wean you off any medication and start the healing process.

Month 3 Cannabinoids will now replace your medication and help your body to heal naturally again.

Brenda Hutchinson
Brenda Hutchinson

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