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April 13, 2020 2 min read

Happy Easter to everyone.  Happy Passover to everyone.

Yes everything is different in lives right now.  We have lock down.  We don't know if we are on the verge of being wiped out or if we are being scammed by world governments.

Whichever it is and whatever your take on it, I wish you well should you be celebrating.

This time at home is not easy for everyone, I think particularly those that live hand to mouth, those that have been put on leave and those that run their own business's but cannot trade at the moment.  there are many more too, that find this time hard.
I am home with my husband.  Not a biggie, we get on well etc.  EXCEPT he is a clean freak. As I type, he is cleaning out and re-arranging the cleaning goods cupboard. He has cleaned out the garage, repainted my office along with changing a few other places.

We have a donation pile, a for sale pile and a rubbish pile that fills up the bin every week and which should be finished after two more bins collections.

The people that are home alone and don't do well alone for long periods of time (I wouldn't do well, I know myself), the people that are feeling pressure to do things at home over this period.  Just chill and be good to yourself, don't allow anyone to put pressure on you to bake or make or anything.

That being said - we have our permit as an essential services provider and we can courier products to you.

Want to give up smoking?  Anxious? Bored? Always wanted to try CBD but too concerned?

Now may be the perfect time.

I am available on whatsapp to assist, and check do my mails every now and then.

Keep safe.

Brenda Hutchinson
Brenda Hutchinson

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