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January 27, 2021 2 min read

  1. Choose the correct products for your needs, to suit your ailments and lifestyle.

This may mean that you could be using an oil/tincture, capsules and perhaps a topical or a vape.
The various products have different uses and concentrations and formats and they often work well together as opposed to just taking one product on its own.
  1. Establish a routine. Yes, I know easier said than done but it can be done. Start slowly by just adding 1 product to your routine.

Start first thing in the morning, you will then be set for the day. I1 product is not always enough to turn your health around in a short space but will help.
If you can manage, then add a product at lunchtime too and if you can, add one in the evening as well.
This provides the body with small amounts of CBD to use and supports the body during the course of the day.
The point of discussing this with a consultant is to ensure that if you do only add 1 product to start, you will be getting the product that will most benefit YOU.
  1. You could feel a huge improvement in a short space of time (some lucky people do), or you could take longer (like some others) but you will notice a difference.

If you don’t get started you will never know the joy of how your body is supposed to feel.

As with anything, consistency is key. The products will awaken the CBD receptors and over time help remove the toxins, chemical’s and disease/inflammation (caused by many things, stress being a major factor) from the body, allowing it to get back to a nice balance of health.

The point of discussing this with a certified, trained, medicinal CBD consultant is to ensure that you will be getting the product/s that will most benefit YOU and your ailment/s, lifestyle, and pocket.

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Brenda Hutchinson
Brenda Hutchinson

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