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September 18, 2020 3 min read

1. I started Haus of Shov because I wanted to be my own boss - control my own hours and adhere to family matters when necessary. I thought long and hard about starting a company and honestly, it feels like a blessing that half of my surname is what I feel passionate about.

The products used at Haus of Shov are organic and have the least amount of ingredients which nourishes the skin and gives it the natural love it deserves! #organiclove

A lot of my products are CBD-infused l, as I am brand-affiliated with @cannaioilu @cannaihealu. I stand behind these products because, as I tell my clients, I wouldn’t want to use any product on them unless I could fully back it! I feel there is still so much that society as a whole does not know about cannabis-based products.

2. I love talking to people and making them FEEL good! I’m terrible at Maths but I feel that I have strong people-skills. I also like the fact that I can do things at my own pace. One thing I can say though, is that’s it’s taught me how to be consistent in the way I plan things and how to prioritise and sacrifice things now for greater pleasure later.

I love being an entrepreneur that has found a niche in the market for this specific type of skin care treatment.

3. I start each day expressing gratitude for what I already have. Knowing that I have clients booked really motivates me, I like to lend a helping hand where I can so why not do that with a massage or facial?

And on a personal note, I am most motivated by the beautiful friends, family and “adopted family” that I have. A lot of people have helped me to be where I am today and for that I am eternally grateful.

4. The greatest highlights of this journey have been designing the logo, getting uniforms made, learning about the body and how it works, learning about the different technology used to maximise skin care results and, last but not least, working with and meeting the most amazing people. As mentioned above though, it is a highlight to work your own hours.

5. I would say to focus on ONE thing at once! Even if it’s small, build from that. That way you can always leave people in suspense of what is yet to come!

6. I like to work according to “weeks” rather than days simply because with facials and massaging I like to prep for the clients I have coming up. Monday’s are usually my admin days.

I study Facial Skincare Theory and conduct research at night and before I go to bed I check my messages for any client concerns.

I’ve had to get used to the fact that working on Saturday’s is a thing now!

7. You can contact Haus of Shov on Instagram and Facebook @hausofshov or email @Haus of Shov (, or WhatsApp 082 232 6414.

8. In 5 years from now I see myself still owning Haus of Shov and maybe expanding into making my own product label. In addition, in 5 years I hope to have created a life that I don’t need an escape from.

Edenvale/Elma Park based

Brenda Hutchinson
Brenda Hutchinson

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