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July 15, 2021 2 min read

Our fulvic acid source is sphagnum peat. This source was chosen because of the criteria below:

• No contact with air pollutants.

• No contact with agricultural chemicals.

• No contact with water pollution.

• No phenols present.

• No heavy/toxic metals present.

•  Other sources of fulvic acid include brown coal and carbohydrate sources like sugar cane and wood. These sources, like coal and brown coal contain heavy metals and phenols.

• Carbohydrate derived fulvic acids, from wood and sugar cane, are grown with agricultural chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.


1. Fulvic acid makes other nutrients more bioavailable.

2. Fulvic Acid dissolves and removes accumulated toxic pollutants and heavy metals from the body.

3. Fulvic Acid is a super-antioxidant which prevents cancer from growing.

4. Fulvic Acid makes viruses and bacteria more susceptible to being neutralised.

5. Fulvic Acid enhances enzyme activity which helps the digestive system and aids the body in making more hormones and neurotransmitters.


Health Benefits of Fulvic acid Supplementation

The many health benefits of Fulvic Acid supplementation include:

• Maintenance of appropriate nutrient levels in the body’s cells

• Improving memory, focus, and analysis

• Removal of harmful toxins and free radicals from the body

• Neutralizing radiation and eliminating or reducing its harmful effects on the body

• Enabling faster and more efficient absorption of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals into the body

• Boosting and helping to rebuild the immune system; warding off infections and illnesses

• Increasing energy and metabolism and leading to greater activity levels, weight loss, and an overall sense of good health and wellbeing

• Enabling more restful sleep

• Reducing stress levels

• Lowering levels of arthritis-related pain and inflammation

• Improving circulation and lowering blood pressure (BP)

• Enabling better hormone and electrolytic balances

• Maintaining healthy hair, skin, and nails

Brenda Hutchinson
Brenda Hutchinson

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