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September 29, 2020 2 min read

So you have decided to take CBD.  Well done, it’s a great step forward on a path to wellness.

In South Africa, we have many great local brands of CBD, however there are even more not so great brands of CBD. Some of the CBD on the shelves is an isolate, (see blog for info), some we aren’t even sure if they are CBD, they could made from orange peel, barley or a host of other products that also have CBD.

CBD is a great way to get Omega 3, 6 and 9 into your system. CBD also contains Lineolic Acid which is an essential fatty acid that our bodies cannot make so we have to get it from our diets. Lineolic Acid deficiency can cause all sorts of disease, growth issues and even death in extreme cases.

It is important to know what base oil your products is in and it does need to be in an oil to be better absorbed by the body. Certain oils are not really great for medicinal products, one of them being Olive Oil.

Our Infused Canna Glycerine is just that. Glycerine.  Our products are all South African grown, extracted and produced and are medicinal quality. Being South African grown also means that the it is from our own biodiversity so our bodies will also recognise it and it will be better suited to healing disease that are living I this same biodiversity.

Our method of taking this oil and some of the others is to bypass the gut as the bioavailability diminishes once it passes into the gut and through the liver and gall bladder. You may have a high-volume CBD but how much is getting absorbed by your body? Our bodies are made of water and that too plays a part and affects the bioavailability.

Contact me for a free consultation and to learn how we bypass the gut and get the best absorbtion.

Brenda Hutchinson
Brenda Hutchinson

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