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September 20, 2020 3 min read 1 Comment

A Guide to FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil)

As you probably know, cannabis oils are a big talking point these days. Available all over the world and cooked up by thousands of different brands, they’ve become an everyday essential for millions.
The fact that there are so many different types of cannabis oil doesn’t make choosing the right product any easier. Especially given the way in which some of these oils are being used as natural treatments for a wide variety of conditions. How does one know which product is the best suited for them?
Full extract cannabinoid oil retails with a thousand different product names and plenty of descriptions – Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), whole plant medicine, medical cannabis oil (a few others). In all instances it’s the same basic stuff you’re looking at, or is it?
What Are Full Extract Cannabis Oils? (FECO)
In the simplest of terms, full extract cannabis oils are concentrated essential oils from cannabis plants. What makes FECO unique is that unlike with most other hemp oil extraction processes, oil is extracted from the actual cannabis buds. Leaves may also be used in the extraction process, depending on the manufacturer and the type of product as well as to increase the cbd properties of the Oil.
Solvents or a co2 extraction method are used by the manufacturers to separate the cannabis resin from the plant matter, which in turn creates a product of high strength and purity.
In medical circles, FECO is considered to be no less than revolutionary in its capabilities and versatility. All over the world, FECO is being used by patients battling a wide variety of chronic and in some cases fatal diseases.
Medical cannabis products like this have shown particularly strong potential in the treatment of epilepsy, PTSD, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and many terminal illnesses.
FECO has a tendency to be so strong that it is often taken in daily doses no larger than a quarter grain of rice.
However, the stains and blends of FECO may differ in accordance with the patient and the condition in question.

Even when compared to high-quality wax or shatter, FECO tops the table in terms of intensity and medicinal properties. Typically, FECO will be used to fill capsules to be swallowed, or simply placed in the mouth by way of an oral syringe or tincture or even an herbal tea.
What makes FECO medicine?
FECO is different from many simple hemp oils currently on the market in that it typically contains a high concentration of THC. Though there are many different types of cannabis oils that can be bought globally without a prescription, such products have little to no THC in them whatsoever. Instead, they typically focus on CBD – the non-psychoactive cannabis compound that’s been linked with a wide variety of therapeutic effects.
They may also contain a higher amount of THC where only a high 1 strain of cannabis has been extracted.
When considering a specific medicinal cannabis oil, it’s a good idea to take a look at the information regarding solvents. Certain solvents are better for extracting different cannabinoids and terpenes than others, which can have an influence on the final product.
Certain solvents are also very toxic if they have not done the extraction correctly. There are also many examples of FECO products on the market which aren’t strictly speaking full extract, but might not be far-off.
The market is constantly changing and growing, so the best advice is to seek advice from the experts. Wherever you come across the products for sale, simply ask for the recommendations of those selling the FECO.
That said, there are a few quality control checks that are definitely worth carrying out, before making a purchase. So along with avoiding the bargain-basement options, be sure to consider the following:
• Was the FECO made using 100% organic cannabis?
• Has the final product been tested for toxicity?
• Have any further additives been thrown into the mix?
• What is the solvent used for extraction?
• Was the oil made using cannabis leaves, flowers or both?
• What kind of reputation does the manufacturer have?
• Does the product carry the recommendation of real-life customers?
Please feel free to contact us for any further information regarding our Product and how you hand get your hands on Great quality FECO and other cannabinoid products, Blended from only the best grade buds.
Brenda Hutchinson
Brenda Hutchinson

1 Response

Jackie Olivier
Jackie Olivier

October 12, 2020

Hi Brenda, I have recently been retrenched from a leading Pharmaceutical Company after 22 years service and have been faced with the dilemma of choosing to go back into the Corporate world, or to do something that really matters to me. This is why I’m reaching out to you today. I have a passion for the wellbeing of all, but knowing what I’m up against with the Pharmaceutical giants of the world, and their claims to having treatments for all ailments, I’ve thought about ways I could make a difference in this mad world of ours. I would like to help with the wellbeing of animals. They can’t talk to us or tell us what’s wrong, but we all know that with age comes pain in joints, arthritis etc. I heard Trevor Parkinson speaking on the radio, Mix FM, one eveing driving home from work, and just listening to the passion in his voice when talking about cannibus and affect it had on his illnesses and the different types of strains and quality as well as CBD for animals that has to be high in chlorophyl or not high in chlorophyl.. I’m not sure… maybe you can advise? Anyway, I have a small payout from my retrenchment and would like to invest in a business for myself and do what makes me happy and know with your guidance and product I can supply Vets in South Africa and ensure we can do our best to make our animals live pain free lives in their old age and also give their owners the peace of mind in knowing they’re doing the best they can for their fury “children”. I know this message is long winded but something in my gut told me to contact you for your expertise and guidance and hopefully get me started on a new adventure of making a difference and finding happiness doing it. Thanking you in advance for your time and assistance. Kind Regards, Jackie Olivier

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